Tanja Balac was born in Skopje in 1968. She graduated at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje, in 1991, at the division of painting. Paving her artistic and professional path over the years, in 2008 she received her Master’s degree from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Skopje at the division of painting. Member of the Association of Artists of Macedonia (DLUM) since 1996, she was also its president in the period of 2006-2013. Among her many professional visits outside the borders of her country, the study visit in Paris in 2003 is well worth mentioning. Her professional and artistic experience has been constantly enriched by work and study visits abroad, participation at conferences and workshops. Besides paintings, Tanja is also interested in creating installations, video art projects, and art performances. At present, she lives and works in Skopje.

Solo exhibitions

2020 - Sidney, Australia, Experimental film ,,Stuck Together,,

2020 - Anarchy festival, Experimental film ,,Stuck Together,,

2020 - Wien, Austria , Gallery of Macedonian Embassy In Wien ,,Space Distaces,,

2019 - Belgrade , Serbia ,Gallery ,,Progres, Invisible Exposure,,

2019 - South Korea, Cica Museum: Czong Institute for Contemporary art,Experimental video ,,Memnorabilia,,

2019 - USA WEST WIRGINIA Mountainer Short Film festival, Experimental video Memorabilia

2019 - ITALY, Florence Biennale - International Biennial of Contemporary Art, Experimental video ,,Memorabilia,,

2018 - Berlin,Germany , Projektraum OKK-Organ kritischer-Kunst -Videoprojection ,,The Birth of a Nation ,,and ,,Red Land,,

2017 - Paris, France, Gallery of Macedonian Embassy in Paris (Exhibition , ,,1800 K,, with Omer Kaleshi)

2017 - Skopje, Macedonia, National Gallery of Macedonia,Video instalation ,,Red Land,,

2016 - Nottingham, UK,Bonington Gallery Trent University, screening of Citizens 1 and Citizens2 (experimental short films)

2016 - National Gallery of Macedonia project ,,The birth of a nation,,

2015 - Skopje Macedonia..Gallery of NLB-Tutunska banka, ,,Ivisible Exposure,,

2014 - Venice, Italy, Futureidentities screening of Citizens 1 experimental short film

2013 - Ljubljana, Slovenia, Gallery,, Ljubljanski Grad,,

2012 - Skopje, Macedonia, Gallery “Oko”

2012 - Ohrid, Macedonia, Summer Festival, installation: “Briefing to life by signing a name”

2010 - Prishtina,Kosovo Umetnicka Galerija

2009 - Istanbul.Turkey Nazim Hikmet Taxim Art Gallery

2008 - Skopje, Macedonia, National Gallery of Macedonia,
Multimedia center Mala Stanica

2008 - Sofia, Bulgaria, Macedonian Cultural and Information Center in Sofia

2007 - Malme Sweden, J.T& Art Gallery

2006 - Maribor, Slovenia, Gallery of the DLUM
(Association of Fine Art Artists in Maribor)

2005 - Moscow, Russia, Gallery at the "House of nationalities"

2004 - Paris, France, Cité des Arts

2004 - Novi Sad, Serbia, Cultural Center Novi Sad

2003 - Skopje, Macedonia, Museum of the City of Skopje

2002 - Belgrade, Serbia, Gallery "Beograd"; Zrenjanin;
Serbia, Gallery "Duhovni Centar";
Banja Luka, R. Srpska, Art gallery "1000 Kilometers long love"

1999 - Skopje, Macedonia, JAT Office
(Humanitarian exhibition "For The Children of Yugoslavia"
Together with Ljupco Bojarov and Vujka Radivojevik Bojarov)

1997 - Skopje, Macedonia, Cultural Information Centre (KIC)
(Exhibition on the occasion of the "Metodija Ivanovski-Mende" award)

1996 - Skopje, Macedonia, Cultural Information Center (KIC);
Kicevo, Macedonia, Cultural Center "Koco Racin";
Kumanovo, Macedonia, Art Gallery

1992 - Skopje, Macedonia, Cultural Information Center (KIC);
Tetovo, Macedonia, Cultural Center;
Ohrid, Macedonia, Cafe gallery-Mezzo forte

Group exhibitions

She has participated on more than 150 group exhibitions, in her homeland and abroad: France, USA, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Sweden, to name a few.

2020 - “The Following Day” Winter Sallon 2020 , National Gallery of Macedonia
2018 - “Perceptio Inversa” Winter Salon 2018 , National Gallery of Macedonia
2016 - “Privacy off” Winter Salon 2016 National Gallery of Macedonija
2014 – “Trip@ih” Winter salon 2014 National Gallery of Macedonia
2013 – “Citizens” video installation;
2013 – “Who is the Audience” work in progress;
2012 – “Bringing to Life by Signing a Name” Winter salon 2012 Bezisten Old Bazar Skopje;
2009 – “Suitcase Full of Sadness” Museum of the City of Skopje;


2020 - England, Manchester! Award on Anarchy Film Festival and Young Creative Leaders , Experimental film Stuck Together

2019 - Italy , Firenza 4th Prize in Video Art category, Lorenzo il Magnifico, Experimental video Memorabilia

2019 - USA 1st Award West Virginia Moutainer Short Film Festival/ Experimental video Memorabilia

2015 - Skopje, Macedonia, National Gallery of Macedonia, ,,Nereshki majstori,, award for painting-DLUM
2003 - Skopje, Macedonia, Award for painting at the exhibition "Landscape", DLUM Gallery
2001 - Skopje, Macedonia, "Nikola Martinovski" award for drawing at the exhibition "DLUM-
drawing", National University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski"
1996 - Skopje, Macedonia, "Metodija Ivanovski - Mende" award at the exhibition "Small Scale
Painting", Cultural Information Center
1995 - Skopje, Macedonia, "Konstantin Mazev" award for young artists at the exhibition "Small
Scale Painting", Cultural Information Center
1992 - Skopje, Macedonia, Award at the Exhibition "The woman - Symbol and inspiration",
Cultural Center "Koco Racin"

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